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Good aluminum alloy door & window is selected as per those aspects.

Author: Shandong Sailer Energy-saving Technology Co., Ltd.  Date: 2019-09-27 11:02:43 Click:

The choice of doors and windows will directly affect the future of home life, in order to obtain the right aluminum alloy doors and windows, we can choose from these aspects.


Material selection

Aluminum alloy doors and windows are mainly used for: profiles, glass, hardware accessories. When purchasing, in addition to observing the thickness of the profile and the glass material to meet the standards, but also pay attention to the quality of hardware accessories.



Check the aluminum alloy doors and windows, there should be no problem in the welding and splicing parts, the opening and closing is flexible and smooth, and the sash gap is dense and uniform when closing. The paint surface of the doors and windows should be clear in texture and bright in color, without obvious scratches or scratches.



When choosing aluminum alloy doors and windows, the view should not only be on the appearance of doors and windows, but also on the performance of aluminum alloy doors and windows. Mainly consider the high pressure resistance of the material selection, the tightness of the frame structure, the water seepage of the doors and windows, the sound insulation effect of the hollow glass and the multi-cavity structure of the profile.



When the aluminum alloy door and window are semi-closed, the sealing strip at the joint of the frame and the fan should be squeezed and there is no obvious gap around it. And the connecting parts of the doors and windows should be stable, and the sealing material of the joints should be laid flat and tight.


Value for money

From the aspect of cost performance of aluminum alloy doors and windows, generally speaking, from the two directions of brand and price, the higher the brand's popularity, the stronger the reputation coefficient of the product, and the better the quality of aluminum alloy doors and windows. Then carefully measure the price of each brand's doors and windows, and select a comprehensive evaluation.