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Teach you to quickly recognize and purchase the door and window

Author: Shandong Sailer Energy-saving Technology Co., Ltd.  Date: 2019-09-27 11:00:58 Click:

(1) Door and window construction and classification

1. Classified by the way the doors and windows are opened

(1) Swing doors and windows: Door and window sashes open inward or outward.

(2) Sliding doors and windows: The door and window sash is opened and closed in a lateral movement mode.

(3) Folding door: The door leaf can be folded together when opened.

(4) Turning windows and doors: Door and window sashes are opened and closed in a rotating manner. The rotating window includes an upper hanging window, a lower hanging window, a middle hanging window, a vertical turning window, and the like.

(5) Spring door: A door with a spring hinge that automatically closes when opened.

(6) Other doors: including rolling doors, lifting doors, flip doors, etc.

2. According to the door and window materials can be divided into: wooden doors and windows, plastic doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows, steel doors and windows, glass steel doors and windows, reinforced concrete and so on.

3. According to the functions of doors and windows, it is divided into: louver doors and windows, insulation doors, fire doors and other soundproof doors.

4. According to the position of the door and window: the door is divided into an outer door and an inner door. The window is divided into side windows (on the inner and outer walls) and skylights.


(2) Structure of the door leaf

1. Panel door: The door leaf consists of a skeleton and a door panel. The defender core board can be wood board, plywood, hard fiber board, plastic board, glass, and the like. When the door core panel is glass, it is a glass door. When the door core is a yarn or a hundred pages, it is a screen door or a hundred-page door. It can also be partially made of glass, yarn or hundred pages, such as the above glass and the lower hundred pages.

2. Plywood door: The middle is a light skeleton, and the two sides are attached with a thin plate such as plywood or fiberboard. Generally it is an interior door.

3. Panel door: A door made of planks. Rugged and durable, mostly for the door.