Become a dealer

Join conditions

1. With good brand management ability, agree with the company's business concept.
2. Own sufficient funds and confidence to ensure that the basic sales tasks developed by company are completed and to build the image exclusive shop that meets our standards.
3. Own certain business management ability and team building experience, good after-sales service ability in management and control, professional door and window designers and independent installation team.
4. Own the ability of operating the store independently in accordance with the requirements of the company.
5. Own experience in regional marketing of products in this industry and the sales experience of similar products.
6. Have good business reputation, professional dedication and personal public praise.

Join process

1. Investors call: +86-536-3712567.
2. Submit the letter of intent for joining application and the performance bond.
3. The company's market personnel will review and evaluate the investors' shops and conclude and sign the contract after qualified assessment.
4. Saile designs the stores' decoration drawings for franchisees and conducts the construction according to drawings.
5. The brand stores' storefront signboards are uniformly customized and sent by the company.

Service policy of franchisees

1. Decoration of brand store: Provide stores' decoration design plans and drawings, high-quality decoration materials and decoration team, and carry out the opening ceremony activities of stores.
2. Operation and management services: Provide daily operation and management activities for brand stores, including commodity display, online and offline promotion services for brand stores.
3. Recruitment and management of talents: Recruit high-quality staff for brand stores and train them at the same time.
4. Business consulting: Provide commercial information inquiry services for the retail industry. Welcome in consulting the staff about the specific service project policies in different countries and regions.

Join process and eight-step cooperation method

Customer first Good faith Win-win cooperation

(telephone and online customer service)

Fill in the cooperation
application form

Cooperation qualification

Participate in the assessment
in headquarters at invitation

Site selection of local market
and determination of exhibition hall location

Sign the franchisee contract

Technical training of project

Official operation